कीर्ति सेनोन और कार्तिक आर्यन ने चुपके से कर ली शादी तस्वीरें हुयी वायरल...

Bollywood actor Kartik Aryan is not single. Many people know about their girlfriends too. Kartik Aryan has spotted a dinner dinner with his girlfriend Dimple Sharma many times. Some special photos of Kartik's dinner date were also revealed with girlfriends

But did you know that Karthik has got married? Nowadays, they become groomed and worn wool in the neck is getting viral on social media. But let's tell you that he has not married his girlfriend, but a beautiful Bollywood actress.
Yes, Karthik has married Bollywood actress Kriti Sanyan. The wedding photos of these two are getting viral on social media
Hey ... You do not have to panic. Both of them have not married in Real Life. These two are now preparing for their next film 'Lukka-Chhupi'. Kartik's film will be the beautiful actress of the film.
Recently, the film 'Lukka-Chhupi' shows the first look of both. This photo is taken during the film's Look Test, in which Kartik and Karti are seen in the bride and groom's clothing. Dinesh Vijan produces the film. Its shooting will start soon in Mathura, Agra and Kartik's Home Town, Gwalior. The movie 'Lukka-Chhupi' will be released in March 2019