इस तालाब में अचानक निकलने लगा डीजल लोगो में भरने के लिये होड़ देखिये

Around 28 thousand liters of diesel filled tanker, fluttering at the culvert near the town, rushed on Sunday night, but the crowd gathered for the loot of the diesel but police escaped. So, after getting relief from the tanker, the diesel was flowing into the dry river and found in the deposited water in the pits, crowded nearby settlements to take the diesel floating on the surface. Diesel filled with the hand which came in the pot. Many people came along with the family and collected hundreds of liters of diesel.

Police explored CCTV footage, driver-seer was intoxicated, hence reflex tanker

After the accident, the police discovered CCTV footage from Hotel Pahihari to Kisan Kesari. They came to know that the tanker going to Haryana in Jamnagar, Gujarat was uncontrollable during the climbing of the Hemavas curve. But the driver took over. After this the drivers and the crew were going to meet each other. About two kilometers ahead, suddenly the tanker was again uncontrolled on the bridge and fell off the bridge and fell into the river. The police say that both were intoxicated.