9 अनाथ बच्चों को पाल रहा है ये कुत्ता रोज ऐसे करता है खाने का इंतजाम देख...

There are no 2 opinions that animals are more intelligent than humans. He is kind, compassionate, and even Mamtaamayi, because a recent case has emerged in which a dog has supported 9 children of duck. Fred's dog remains in Mountfish's Castle in Essex, UK. The age of this dog is about 10 years now. But what Fred has done at the age of 10, hardly anyone can do such a thing. For the advent of Fred, the world is going to remember him for a long time.

According to the castle staff, when nine children of duck were roaming around their castle after their mother disappeared. When a dog named Fred got on the children's eyes, he went to them and started walking around on his back. In this way Fred and those young girls became friends. Now all children live in the basket with Fred. Fred takes great care of all those children. He makes them sit on his back every day and moves in the field and sleeps with him. Duck's children also play around Fred like this, as if playing around their mother