दीपिका की जिद्द के आगे हारे सास-ससुर इटली के इस महल में होगी शानदार शादी

Deepika's marriage with Ranvir Singh is no longer a day left. Given the marriage in November, the two have decided to take a break from work for 2 months. Deepika has blocked the date of November and December in Allready. He has turned his entire focus towards the preparations for marriage at this time. Deepika has not signed any film at this time. Preparations for both of them are going on in full swing, but have not done an official annuity of marriage date so far. Tell you that Deepika Ranevar's marriage will be abroad

It is learned that there was a big screw in the wedding of Ravevir and Deepika. The family members of Ranvir Singh wanted to get married in Mumbai but Deepika was not ready for this. Deepika wanted to do destination wedding like Anushka and Virat. But for this, her father-in-law and mother-in-law were not willing to do so. All relatives of Ranvir Singh will not be able to attend the wedding so they should get married in Mumbai but now the parents of the last Ranvir Singh have accepted Deepika's stubbornness ahead. Those people are now ready to marry Ranvir and Deepika, out of India. It is reported that Ranvir and Deepika will marry in Italy just like Anushka Virat. For the wedding, Italy has fixed the place named 'Lake Como'. This place is in Lombardi in Italy. This lake has a very beautiful villa. This is where all the wedding rituals will be completed