गधों के साथ ये क्या कर रही हैं पाकिस्तानी सरकार जानकर शर्म आएगी

Pakistan is often the subject of discussion around the world due to its peculiar activity, but this time the Pakistanis have bowed down the head of any person who will have a lot of humankind.

According to media reports, supporters of political parties in Pakistan are writing political messages on the assault by the assassins by assaulting their opponents and making them badly injured. This incident is being criticized on social media
It is being told that by writing such a political message on their back by injuring the asses badly, they mean to compare with the ass of a leader. There have been many such cases in which the assassins were severely tortured
Nowadays, there is a general election season in Pakistan through which the country's prime minister will be elected Prime Minister. This time Pakistan's election is in discussions about many matters, most of which are negative issues.