सोनाक्षी सिन्हा ने पहनी बेहद टाइट जीन्स हुई वायरल दिखती है बला की खूबसूर...

Sonakshi Sinha was seen in the trailer launch of her upcoming movie. In fact, Happy will run away from the movie, it is going to be lesser in the B town. In the film's trailer event, wearing a yellow sari was a reason to think. Now their hot deals are making people crazy

Actually, a director's birthday party arrived in the party earlier this day. There were also land tenants, Karan Johar and Varun Dhawan. During this time, the strange outfits of Land Pednekar and Sonakshi Sinha won the hearts of the people. He was wearing black top and black latex. There was a lot of glitter in the birthday party which was in Bandra, Mumbai. Sonakshi Sinha's film Happy August will be seen on August 24