सेल्फी के चक्कर में वाटरफॉल से 50 फीट नीचे गिरा युवक फिर हुआ कुछ ऐसा

Selfie's craze on young people across the country is so much shadowed. Thousands have lost their lives in the wake of this selfie, despite being in front of the painful incidents of the accident, there is no lesson from this. Another news has emerged in painful accidents while taking selfies

This incident of incident has come about 80km of a beautiful waterfall from Chhattisgarh's capital Raipur. Where on Saturday a young man was found to be costly when he was taking shelter by risking his life.
During this, a painful accident took place, while taking selfies, the feet of the young man slipped and collided with 50 feet of stones falling down. The young man admitted to a local hospital where he is being treated. In this accident the young man's bone broken
According to reports, a young man residing in the village like Abhanpur had gone to meet his friends on Saturday and was forced to retire. Meanwhile, the young man reached the upper part of the waterfall with his friends. There they all started taking selfies