कनखजूरा कान में घुस जाए तो डाले यह एक चीज तुरंत निकल जाएगा बाहर

In the changing season many insects come into the house. Some of these creatures are also dangerous, one of which is Kanchajora. Its sting is quite painful and poisonous. It starts biting when you bite and the process of oxygen is slow in the body

If there is a strange ointment in the ear due to the ants going in the ear, then mixing alum in water is beneficial by putting it in the ear
If you go to your ears then immediately add rock salt in water and put it in the ear. Doing so will die or will come out with water
The method of cleaning cotton is common. But there are many dangers in it. That is why the doctors also put some in the ear and make the wax soft, then try to remove it.