20 साल से बाप ने बेटे को बेड़ी और ज़ंजीरों में जकड़ रखा है वजह हैरान करन...

A person from Harpur village of Chhatarpur district, Baijnath has seen no sunlight for 20 years or enjoyed rain. That's because he is stuck in chains in a dungeon. He is bound by the people of his house and the reason is just the anger of Baijnath

Baijnath has been tied to chains for 20 years. Daily daily acts also do this and food also eats sitting here. They sleep in these chains and sleep with them. It is not that Baijnath is a mental patient. They are perfectly fine yet their story is going to stand
In fact, Baijnath was digging a tree root to make rope 20 years ago. Thakurs of the village prevented them. If they did not, then those people slapped Baijnath. Angered by anger, Baijnath attacked those villagers with ax. After this, he was jailed for two months and after the release from jail, the blood of the assassins of Baijnath on the head of the victim became bloodguilt and he started roaming around to kill them.
Baijnath's father was scared. Fearing fear, the father sent one of his sons to his village in-laws and gave another son, Baijnath, in a fence and chains.