पूरी दुनिया के लिए आश्चर्य बना ये भारतीय शख्स वैज्ञानिक भी हैरान कहते है...

Arun Rakewar, who lives in the foothills of the city Sagar of Madhya Pradesh, owns an incredible talent that everyone sees the fingers in his teeth. Arun ji is no less than a superhero and even in front of his superiors, even the big sun can not stand

Indeed, Arun Rakewar is called Magnet Man. Iron sticks on the body like they are a big magnet. There is a slight difference between Arun Rakwarji's magnetic power and the normal magnet
A Magnet pulls the iron things near you and sticks it, while Arun ji's body does not pull iron like this. When an iron item is placed on Arun's body, then he sticks to his body. In this picture, the iron wedge is sticking on Arun ji's body
Take a look in the picture how spoons are sticking from the body of Arun ji, who lives in Sagar of Madhya Pradesh.
Arun is very fond of that entire area. Dr. RC Sharma tells Arun's body that every person has a magnetic power in his body. It can be more or less. But in Arun's case, it looks very much. They say their magnetic feather is becoming overheated.