42 साल से इस महिला को घेरे हुए हैं नाग नहीं जाने देता घर से बाहर वजह जान...

Human beings fear much more than snakes. The fear of human beings as snakes seems hardly anything. According to Hindu religion, Nago is said to be the angel of Bholenath, and for this reason, people become very afraid of him. So friends, we are going to tell you a true story that is from a woman who has been a victim of snakes since the age of 18

Friends, this woman's name is Art Devi, she lives in Chandigarh in Punjab. At this age of about 60 years, you will be surprised to know that this woman has been snatching since the age of 18. By the age of 60 this woman has been chopped by the snoop almost 151 times. Occasionally, the woman used to sleep in the temple only because of the snakes, when she lived in that temple of Shiva, the snake did not bite them, but as soon as she got out of the temple, the snake came out. Used to cut them
At first he used to be treated with wild medicines when he used to snake, but now he used to take him to the hospital whenever he snakes. It is worth mentioning that many times they were unconscious for weeks and months, even after bites of snooping, but even after being unconscious for so many days, even after fighting death they also survived many lives.