PM मोदी का क्या है इस लड़की से सम्बन्ध जो कर रहे है हर जगह इसकी तारीफ

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also did not forget to praise the talent and talent of Gujarat's auto rickshaw driver, Afreen Shaikh. In his "mind-talk" program PM Modi thanked Afreen for his work. Afreen is also very happy, because PM Modi referred to his name in today's "talk of mind"

Afreen Shaikh, who secured 98.31% marks in the Tenth Test of the Gujarat Board, said, "I am very happy. Prime Minister Modi today (July 29) spoke about my name in the matter of mind. This is a big opportunity for me. I got the fruits of my hard work I believe the winner never loses, and the leader never defeats
On Sunday (July 29th), Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the countrymen for 46th time. During this time, he mentioned many such students whose life was inspiring. He first mentioned Asharam Choudhary of the poor family of Madhya Pradesh, who, after crossing the challenges of life, succeeded in Jodhpur's first MBBS examination in AIIMS. He said that all can be achieved from the determination. Modi said, "There are so many students who are from poor families and in spite of their hard work and perseverance they have shown something that inspires us all.