आधी रात को नंगे पैर ही अर्जुन कपूर से मिलने पहुंची जाह्नवी हो गई वायरल

Recently, Jahnavi Kapoor came to meet Arjun Kapoor on bare feet and barefoot At that time his father Bonnie Kapoor was also with Jahnavi. Janavi Kapoor is looking very happy in these pictures

Let us know that Arjun Kapoor's house is located in Juhu, Mumbai. Jahnavi Kapoor wore black t-shirts and shorts during that time.
During this time Jahnavi Kapoor was seen in the open hair
The most surprising thing is that Jahnavi was seen bare feet after landing the car. Though his father Bonnie Kapoor was with him at the time. Boney Kapoor was talking to someone on the phone at the time.