नेपाल का वो नाचता भालू अब भारत आया डांस देख भूल जाओगे ऋतिक,टाइगर को....

You have seen the bears so much. In fact, in the early childhood, the bear's dancing used to be seen by the people. The villagers used to visit village villages. They used to dance the bears in a desire to get some money. That dance of childhood still happens today.

 There is a bear that is not India but Nepal's bears. This dancer of Nepal has been brought to India. This last known dance bear of Nepal got a house in neighboring India, which was for the relief of the animal workers, who were afraid of their friend after the death of his friend.
Officials of Indian Animal Charity Wildlife SOS said on Wednesday that Rangila, who was rescued from a 19-year-old Nepalese bearer, has made a 30-hour trip from Nepal to a sanctuary in Agra. He reached us late yesterday and we are taking care of him and feeding him. Kartik Satyanarayan of Wildlife SOS said, "He loves honey, who runs the Agra Bare rescue facility in northern India.
Nepal's bears whose name is Rangila Rangila was one of the two sloth bears in southern Nepal in December, which used animals to entertain with a couple of traveling road artists.