पति के घर से जाते ही ये काम करती थी ये महिला पकड़ी गयी रंगे हाथ देखिये

There is a startling incident in Hyderabad. In Charminar, Hyderabad, the police arrested a woman on the charge of theft. The reason behind the theft will be known, then you will be surprised to hear

Anyone who is watching this news is being shocked. Actually, the woman has been identified as Ayesha Siddiqui. The reason for the theft of Ayesha is completely different. Ayesha is a house wife. But she used to be the thieves to live this life. The husband of Eisa does the job. As soon as she leaves the office in the morning, the wife also went out to steal from behind. Husband had no news about this
Before she came to her husband, she used to come home. According to the police, Ayesha could not be sustained. Husband's salaries did not meet her needs. That's why he used to be the thieves. Whenever she needed money she used to steal money by going to the shop.
And this time it was caught in red handed, actually it was a jewelery shop that had gone. She stole nearly 40 grams of gold for pretending to see gold ornaments. All the incidents were captured in the CCTV camera with the help of which it was caught red handed