BJP नेता अमित शाह को इलाहाबाद में काले झंडे दिखाने वाली लड़कियां आखिर कौ...

Two lean-thin girls come in front of Amit Shah's convoy, and start showing black flags. After this, the policemen arrive and immediately drag them both badly. Only then a policeman comes running and the girl wearing white clothes starts pole. Another girl, pink suit, is beaten in the police vehicle, beat

Seeing the video and photos became viral and both girls sat on social media. However, many people are not aware of who these two girls are
We tell you, who are these brave girls, who have made the BJP's most powerful leader to show black flags alone?
These girls are Neha Yadav and Rama Yadav Neha and Rama are the students of Allahabad University. Neha has done MSc from Banaras University and is now pursuing PhD from Allahabad University.
Neha is basically a resident of Bareilly and Rama Baliya. The revolutionaries are full of both inside, and both are very active against the BJP government.
At present, the bail of Neha and Rama has been rejected and they have been sent to Naini Central Jail. By the way, another video has appeared in which the voice has been changed. In this, both girls are being shown slogans of Pakistan Zindabad