गंगा नदी में इस अजीबोगरीब सांप को देखकर लोगों के उड़ गए होश आखिर क्यों

We see river Ganga as reflection of Indian mother. They are considered to be the source of water and we also worship them. It is said that bathing in river Ganges forgets all the bad deeds of human beings and that person becomes pure again, therefore many people come from various places in the river Ganges to immerse in the Ganga river. But friends, do you know that Ganga Maa has many more things in her spheres? So friends, some time ago, Ganga's mother had come out from the zodiac that would give you a chowk. So that everyone knows what was that thing

Wild Life During a survey conducted by the Institute, a strange snake found in the river Ganges. According to a survey, a rare species of Ganga called "Seiboldus Shiller Water" This snake was seen after 70 years in Uttar Pradesh's Bijnaur district. Senior scientist of the Survey team said that this snake is very important for the diversity of Ganges river, it is certain that the deteriorating diversity of the Ganges can be excluded. He also said that this snake had already been found in many surveys but was not able to see it. But if it is, it will be very beneficial for the river Ganga