आपको पता है कि एक हेलीकॉप्टर की कीमत कितनी होती है अगर नहीं तो जानें

Everyone has some dreams of every person, whether poor or rich, it does not matter. There is a desire in the human mind about something or something. There can be dreams of sitting in a common man's helicopter, but buying him is not the only thing about him. You may have seen helicopters in real life but most people have not traveled in it. If you have ever been in the helicopter, then you will know that the joy of seeing the helicopter on earth is not found anywhere else. Today we will introduce you to the price of the same helicopter.

First of all tell you that the cost of Robinson R-22 helicopter is approximately $ 250,000, which is $ 1,71,23,750 in Indian Rupees. It is considered the world's most economical helicopter. Due to the cheap operating costs of R-22, it is often used as a training helicopter. It is a two-seat helicopter. Now let's talk of another helicopter, which is five seats. This Bell B206 Jetenger is used for both military services and civilians, it is a very popular helicopter. It costs $ 700,000 and according to Indian Rupees 4,79,11,500 rupees. Many such helicopter models can easily be found at different prices, but remember that their cost is only in crore