हनुमान जी ने इस जगह से लगाई थी सूरज को निगलने के लिए छलांग आज भी मौजूद ह...

There is a great faith in people about Hanuman ji, some people believe in him, some people just reason, in different places mentioned in the Ramayana, even today Hanuman ji gets the footprints

Friends are located in Maharashtra, 6 km away from Trimbakeshwar temple of Nashik, the birthplace of Hanuman ji, which is very few people know about it. This place is named after the mother of Hanuman ji. There are mythological beliefs that the childhood of Hanuman ji lived on these hills and from here he made a jump to swallow the sun, which looks like a footprint, is considered to be the left foot of Hanuman ji, people believe that Hanuman ji had jumped from one place to his feet
At the time when Hanuman jumped, the sun was rising, meaning that he leapt to the east direction, the surprise is that if you look at the computing of your mobile, then the direction of this pond is already