जॉन सीना है इस बॉलीवुड अभिनेत्री के दीवाने नाम जानकर यकीन नहीं होगा आपको

John Cena is a very famous wrestler. He has named his WWE Champion title 16 times in his career. Wrestling is very much liked in India, due to which John Cena has millions of crores of fans in India too. But today we are going to talk about an actress of Bollywood. John Cena himself is also a fan. So let's know who is the famous actress

The actress we are going to talk about is Alia Bhatt. For information, let's tell you, John Cena follows only three Indians on Twitter. One of which is Alia Bhatt. John Cena likes Alia Bhatt's performance very much. John Cena has nearly 10 million followers on social media