पत्नी के साथ होता रहा ये काम और पति खुद बनाता रहा वीडियो

Many girls in the country are climbing in the dowry round. There are many people who first talk about taking nothing in the name of dowry and when the girl's parents leave their daughter with their status, then the drama of the girl's in-laws begins with her, Trouble and the day-to-day quarrels are troubling with the fray, either the girl gives life or the Sujalal kills her.

The same case has been revealed in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, where a girl was fed up with the demand of dowry in-laws and gave her life. But the biggest thing that was revealed in this case was that her death kept her live video and not even tried to stop her.
According to the police, this incident took place on Thursday in Buddha Vihar Colony of Thana Highway area. After getting the information, the police and the victim's family reached her house the same night and lodged a lawsuit against the in-laws' dowry harassment and indecent assassination and arrested her husband Raj Kappur and Saas Vimala and sent them to jail.