बॉलीवुड में तहलका मचाने को तैयार है सलमान खान की भांजी देख लड़के हो जाएगे...

Bollywood's Dabang Khan i.e. Salman Khan does not need any recognition today. From their different style they have achieved a good position. Today, he ruled over lakhs of people on his acting career. Salman was recently seen in his film Race Race 3. But his film could not be seen much better. According to the information, his fans were disappointed by seeing his film. However, today we are going to tell you about their niece, if you are angry with Salman's film Race 3, believe that by seeing their niece you will forget your anger and say that Wah! So what's the point of being late about their niece?

For your information, tell that the name of the niece of Salman Khan is Alizeh Agnihotri and he is 18 years old
Alizeh is quite active on social media and he often shares his photographs on social media.
Often, Alizeh has said that he wants to become Bollywood actress and director
Alizeh is very beautiful and hot in appearance and is very much on her social media too.