महेंद्र सिंह धोनी ने अपने घर पर किया ऐसा स्टंट जिसे देख कर चौंक जाएंगे आप

The Indian cricket team is still on their England tour where the team has played one-day series T20 matches, while the series of Test matches is yet to be played. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who retired from Test matches, is now completely free. Dhoni is ever seen in a friend's wedding, and sometimes praying in a temple. More recently, Mahendra Singh Dhoni posted a video on social media, which is getting viral at a very fast pace.

In this video, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is seen stunting on the bicycle. Mahendra Singh Dhoni has caught a stick from the mouth and both the bicycle and the iron pole are out
Mahendra Singh Dhoni runs the bicycle towards the slope, after which he takes his feet, after which it seems like the bicycle is descending from a mountain
Dhoni wrote in the caption of the video that it is for fun only and you also try it yourself at home. Dhoni is quite active on social media nowadays