गंगा में डूब रही थी हॉलीवुड एक्ट्रेस बीच नदी में तड़पता देख डायरेक्टर ने...

You must be shocked to hear that the Hollywood Actress was drowning in the Ganges. But this is absolutely true. Actually, the Hollywood actress was shooting for Tammy director Atul Garg's film "The Legend of Picock" in Benares. And became a victim of the accident. But with the help of the director's buzz and the crew of the film, the accident took place.

An important scene of this movie was being shot in the Ganges River. Director, cameraman and film whole team was engaged in filming this scene. At that time producer director Atul Garg felt that the film actress Tammy was really drowning in water and immediately sent the support team to help her so that she could be saved from drowning in deep water.
Director Atul Gargkar, who is starting his journey in Hollywood from 'The Legend of Picock', said that according to the intelligence of his assistant, he could save the life of the actress, and whose efforts were averted by a big accident. 45 percent of the film's shooting has been completed. In which Bollywood-Hollywood artists have worked together and the rest of the film will be shot in America and Turkey. This year's intestine is intended to release in December