लोगों की भीड़ डूबती लड़की को देख बना रही थी वीडिओ फिर इस लड़के ने बचाई जान

It is not that humanity has gone away from the world right now. There are some people in today's times who help others by playing their lives, but such people are only one in thousands. Today I am going to tell you today about a similar Jabonj, who saved a girl's life by playing on her own life

A 18-year-old girl, a resident of Dagga, suddenly caught a sudden jump in the Gomti river near Gomti River Front Park at 1090 intersection under Gautam Palli police station area of ​​Lucknow. The tractor driver Prem Sitapur, who was passing through it, also jumped into Gomti to save him. Seeing the tractor driver and the girl jumping in the Gomati, people got frantic. People informed the police at the same time. When the information reached the spot, the police rushed both of them out of the rope
If the witnesses are told, then when the girl jumped in Gomti, there were some policemen and thousands of people standing there. But no one dared to jump in the river, when the tractor driver passing through it immediately jumped into Gomati, which saved the girl's life.