प्रियंका चोपड़ा ने छोड़ी सलमान की फिल्म भारत अब काजोल की भांजी को बॉलीवुड ...

Bollywood's Dabang Khan always remains in the limelight for some reason. Whenever the best actors of Bollywood are mentioned, Salman Khan's name is also included in it. Salman Khan's name is enough to run the films

Besides Salman Khan, he is known for his big heart. She has already launched many new faces in Bollywood. Sonakshi Sinha, Daisy Shah, Zarine Khan, Suraj Pancholi, also gave Salman Khan a break in Bollywood.
Salman Khan is preparing to launch his childhood friend's son Zaheer Iqbal soon in Bollywood. Salman wants Zaheer's proposal to launch the face. If the news is to be believed then Salman is now looking for this. Salman Kajol's niece Pranutan can be launched in Bollywood. Pranutan is the daughter of Kajol's maternal grandfather Mohnish Bahl. Pranutan has long been interested in working in Bollywood