अजय देवगन के बॉडीगार्ड को देखकर लोग बोले एक दम हीरो दिख रहा है

Bollywood legend Ajay Devgan has made one of the biggest hit films in Bollywood. They have also worked as producers and directors of films. His films attract people very much, and his acting fascinates the audience. Presently, Ajay Devgn has grown to 49 and now he is starting to look a little old

Ajay Devgan plays the role of comedy along with action in new films very well. Ajay Devgn's performance in all the series of Golmaal has been very tremendous. The whole series of Golmaal did a good job at the box office, which made the film a gross of crores
Recently, Ajay Devgn was seen outside his Juhu house. He was with his bodyguard at that time and during that time he was wearing blue shirts. Seeing his picture, people said that his bodyguard is looking more than Ajay Devgan. Because her bodyguard looks quite handsome and body-looking