घर में प्रवेश करते ही सामने आ जाता है सांपों का झुंड वजह जान कर हैरान रह...

A family is fearful of the poisonous snake terror, so he is not able to get the courage to enter inside the house. Snakes are coming out in their house, not a couple but a dozen. Surprisingly, the responsible officials have raised their concerns about the matter. The locals are treating it as a divine phenomenon, on the other hand the affected families have become homeless even after being home.

The case belongs to Padua village of Garh police station. Snakes have lodged for the last four days in Ranjit Prasad Pandey's house here. From July 10, the start of the snake outbreak started, which continues to this day. On the first day, there were two snakes in number. After that, the whole herd of snakes has turned to their house. Nearly half a hundred snakes have come out in their home in a span of four days. On Saturday, he had caught a dozen snakes and put them in the bucket.
If the victim informed the incident by phone to the SDO of the forest department, they were not prepared to talk directly. He disconnected the phone by talking to the ranger and talking about the phone. The police were also informed, but no official was able to reach. The whole family has been passing some way out of the house for four days. In this rainy season the families are not getting the roof too and forest department officials are also unable to diagnose this problem.