जानें कड़ा पहनने से क्या-क्या फायदे होते हैं जानकर यकीन नहीं कर पाएँगे

In Hinduism, it is said that you must wear a metal hardened and have many benefits.

1) Copper hardened - If a person is more ill, then he should wear a copper hard because copper is a metal which if someone wears, then gradually all his diseases, he takes the copper tight and that person Gets healthy
2) Ashta-cardam is made by combining hard eight metals with eight metals, and it should be worn by those who have pain in their joints, they are worn by poorly-like diseases, they are cured of their joints
Silver hardened - the hard work of silver is made of those people are very angry because silver eyes catch anger and keep your blood pressure normal, due to which you do not even have heart related diseases.