गर्भवती बकरी के साथ आठ लोगो ने किया दुष्कर्म उसके बाद जो हुआ कर देगा हैरान

Nowadays, such cases are coming out, which makes it even more difficult to believe how a person can do this. Now the latest issue has come from Mewat where eight proud people have committed misdeeds with a pregnant goat

It is alleged that they took a pregnant goat into a deserted house where everyone abused her. Whereby the goat died
When the goat owner told him that he would complain in the police, the accused also told him that whatever happens to you, we will do so, none of us can spoil anything. The police has registered a case against all the accused. It is being told that goat's first medical examination will be done, after which the police will take action against those accused
In such cases, the accused should be harshly punished with harsh punishment, so that no harm may be raised in the thousand times before doing such a poor act. This is not the first case when there has been a case of rape with animals before there have been many cases.