8 मुस्लिम लोगों ने गर्भवती बकरी के साथ किया दुष्कर्म अब लड़कियाँ तो क्या ...

India was described as the most unsafe country for women. A lot of people had also criticized this report and made a variety of things. But in the Mewat area of ​​Haryana, 8 people have done a detrimental job with the goat, they have stamped the report of Thomson Reuters. At first the country was called insecure only for women but now one line should be added to it that the country is no longer safe for animals

There is a similar incident in Mewat of Haryana which has proved that there is no other creature on Earth than any other person. In the farm, 8 people, together with a packed goat, committed rape, which killed the goat's grief. When the goat owner Aslam refused to do so, he threatened that none of them could spoil and he would continue to do so. When these 8 people raped the goat, they were pregnant and they did not even care about this
The goat owner has filed a case against 8 of the people of the village and the dead goat has been sent for medical examination. Police have registered a case under section 377 against the accused, under which punishment is given for unnatural offense and Section 429, under which punishment is given on the oppression of animals.