2 हरी मिर्च रात को पानी में भिगोकर 4 दिन पानी पीने से जो होगा जानकर हैरा...

Green chilli is used when making meals at home. Eating green chillies while eating is more than the taste of eating. It also has very good health benefits. Green chilli is rich in iron, protein, copper and potassium in addition to vitamins A, B and C. If after soaking in 2 green chillies at night and drinking it in the morning, drinking lots of benefits

Take 2 green chillies every night and wash them thoroughly with pure water and then cut these chilies slightly from the middle. Then put these green chillies in pure water and keep it overnight. After some time in the morning, take the water of these green chillies. Eating this water does not have any effect in daily routine. Rather than drinking it, the body of the human body remains full of energy
Drinking water for 4 consecutive days strengthens the human immune system. Which protects the body from various types of diseases. This water lever also prevents infection