पेशाब करते समय भूलकर भी ना करें ये गलतियां वरना बाद में पछताओगे

Piss is a natural process that causes harmful substances to come out of our body, or urinating is essential to every person, if he does not, then he will not be alive

Most people make mistakes while pissing, they do not know what mistakes we should not have while doing piss, we are going to tell you about their mistakes today.
1. If you piss somewhere, after some time after the ankles were stored there, then do not ignore it at all, because this sign can be a serious illness of diabetes in your body.
2. Many people are so busy in their work that they keep their urine for a long time, tell them for your information. If you also do this then do you have a risk of cancer in the gall bladder
3. Most people stand and urinate, then tell them for information that those who stand and piss in their body are at risk of failing the spinal cord