दिशा पाटनी का पहला बॉयफ्रैंड था टाइगर श्रॉफ से भी ज्यादा हैंडसम देखते रह...

Today, the direction is known not only on the direction of his acting, but before the film came in, the direction was also known as Tiger Shroff's girlfriends. Say, before coming to the film, Though both of them have been identified by their different films in the industry, but in reality both of them have proved in the film Baji 2 that both come to stay in the industry.

Want to tell before the Tiger was in the relationship with Path Samarthan. Yes, Parth is a TV actor, with an actor being a Parth host, he has also made his mark as a model. It was well-known that at one time the audience used to watch this show due to Partha only. Parth had worked in the film Guigly as well.
But the film was not released, but still Parth remained in the television world. Before the direction came into Bollywood, he used to date Partha, but since the direction has come into the industry, his heart went to Tiger and Now they are in relationship with them.
 Parth made his place in Top 50 in the list of SexyAst Asia Man in 2015. For long time, missing from TV, Partha will soon play Anurag's role in the show Kasuri Zindagi. The same direction is still in the preparation of the movie India's shooting It has been started in this movie that will be seen for the first time with Salman Khan