किसानों का कर्ज माफी पर मोदी सरकार के विरोध में 8-9 जनवरी हड़ताल का ऐलान...

The All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) on Tuesday announced the closure of 'Rural India' on 8th and 9th January in protest of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's resignation on the apology of agriculture loan. AICS president Ashok Raozhele said that the proposal for the closure of Rural India was passed on 8 and 9 January in the two-day meeting of the Central Kisan Parishad. AIKS is a farmer organization affiliated to CPI (M).

He said, 'This is being done in protest against the defiant attitude of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on agricultural debt waiver.' AAP has supported the Bharat Nirman Sabha (BAS) of the Rural India Band of AIKS. This organization is demanding to provide land for cultivation to poor farmers.

AIKS Secretary-General Hannan Mollah said that the government should not only solve the agricultural debt waiver of the farmers but also the problem of the landless poor of the poor farmers. BAS has supported our shutdown. He said that many workers organizations declared 'strike' on 8 and 9 January next year against the alleged corporate-backed policies of the Modi government.